Aquafan- Benefits and Industrial Application Areas!

Meet Aquafan; the Motor-Less Hydro powered cooling tower concept for industrial applications.

Being a specialist in the environmental friendly industrial water cooling technology, Watco-Group introduces the latest technology in hydro powered turbine equipped cooling towers that convert the residue energy from the water circulation pump of the cooling system into the cooling tower fan rotation.

This revolutionary designed system offers numerous industries a number of exceptional advantages such as:

· Low energy

· Low maintenance of the system

· Low noise

· Modular System for high efficiency

· Easy and stress-free winter operation

· Applicable in explosion proof environment

The above-mentioned advantages help you run your systems in a reliable, proficient and effectual manner that supporting a sustainable approach to your manufacturing. The applications are not limited to particular industries, but could include segments such as dairy, paper mills, cement, steel & non-ferrous process, power stations, pharmaceutical industries,plastic industries and more.

Aquafan’s successes built the name in the industry for offering efficient and cost-effective cooling solutions for our clients worldwide. For further information, browse our website today!