A Simple Guide to Demystify Magnetic Water Treatment

Water is life; this might sound like a cliché, but did you know that 85% of the world’s population does not have access to clean drinking water? According to UNESCO, about 6 to 8 million people die annually due to problems related with water-related diseases. In the latest statistics from World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 10 people lack access to safe drinking water. If water is life, then many people are at risk. While the 71% of earth is made up of water, less than 1% is accessible for safe use. This is where modern technology comes in to help purify the available water and make it clean for human consumption.

Magnetic Water Treatment in Brief

There are many water treatment solutions that have been developed over the years. This is understandable considering the importance of water to the society. Among the most recognized technologies available today is magnetic water treatment. This is also known as anti-scale magnetic treatment (AMT) and works by reducing water hardness by passing it through an electromagnetic field.

Hard water has a high mineral content consisting of magnesium and calcium. This type of water causes problems in plumbing especially with scaling. One of the major reasons this technology has gained much prominence is the fact that other popular alternatives were chemical based and they came with serious side effects. The idea is to change the molecular makeup of water constituents, such as iron and calcium into other inert forms.

The end result is a reduction and elimination of water contaminants. In most homes, magnetic water technology is used together with home reverse osmosis water system to guarantee users get the best drinking water.

The water treatment devices used are attached to waterlines entering your property to purify the hard water and make it safer both for drinking and the plumbing. The magnetic treatment process works in such a way that you are guaranteed a lifetime of energy-free water treatment.

Advantages of Magnetic Water Systems

There is a lot of information about the best water treatment technology. This can be overwhelming when you are buying your first water treatment device. However, magnetic water systems have some outstanding benefits that should guide you when shopping for one. Take a look:

• 100% environmentally friendly
• No chemicals used, which is a benefit to users and the environment.
• Permanent magnets for lifetime water treatment.
• Easy installation and no maintenance for the devices
• No side effects to the user and plumbing systems
• Increased oxygen content in the water
• Enhancing water capability to regulate body PH levels due to reduced acidity.

There are other benefits of magnetically treated water including skin cleansing qualities, promoting better digestion among others. It is the ultimate technology to increase access to safe water. You can also add a Reverse Osmosis water filter to guarantee your family only uses safe water.

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