Hard Water Softeners and Magnetic Water Treatment

Many natural elements can be found in ground water. It is often considered to be “hard” because of the high amounts of magnesium, calcium and some other heavy metals contained in it. The level of hardness of the particular water is measured generally in the GPG (Grains per Gallon). Soft water has much less amounts of these and other minerals, and therefore, lower GPS measurement. Hard water contains about 10.5 GPG or more.

While picking the best softener, one should carefully check out the measurable and perceivable effects.

Different types of water softeners:

In order to get the right water treatment to reduce the amount of minerals and hardness of the water, or negate the hard water effects of these minerals on the plumbing, one should consider the various market offerings.

Here are the different types of water softeners available including the cation exchange and ion-exchange units for softening your water, as well as the magnetic one.

• Salt based ion exchange water softener — It is the specific type of water softener basically for the household water needs by removing all the hard minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron and etc.
• Salt based chemical exchange — This type of water softener device is basically regenerating with the potassium chloride salt instead of the sodium.

• Magnetic water softener — This salt free type of water softener unit is really the best option for everyone who is concerned about the salt intake, because it not only softens water non-chemically (zero salt requirement), but also improves water’s behavior, stabilizes its pH, lowers its surface tension, fully oxygenates it, inhibits bacteria or suppresses sulfur and more.

Usage of a chemical-free hard water softener:

If the house owners are using salt-based hard water softener in their home plumbing and for drinking purposes, this will create potential health hazards, such as hypertension caused by sodium and salt buildup in their body.

At the same time, the hard water will create damage to the pipes, bathroom tiles and various other parts of plumbing parts, which will require excessive maintenance. In order to get rid of all these problems, water purification experts recommend using salt-free water softener to reduce damage and reduce maintenance costs of the home water infrastructure.

The best choice on the market

In order to avoid those risks, experts suggest using a salt-free hard water softener, such as a well known and accepted patented brand called Magnetizer™ (mundi.com). It is an inexpensive (fraction of a cost of other salt based systems), one time cost and easy to install, without any tools, home appliance which will reduce the harmful effects of the water hardness by removing all types of mineral buildup (“limescale”) from the inside of pipes, boilers, heat exchanges, chillers, etc., and make them now suspended in flowing water which will be healthy for humans to drink once impurities are flushed out, as per manufacturer’s instructions that come in the shipping box.

In the same time the salt-free Magnetizer™ conditioned drinking water will be full of essential minerals that are healthy for the body. For health conscious it is worth mentioning that the company also offers exclusive Magnetizer-class Vitalizer® system for cold water kitchen faucet pipe with North Pole only charge that bio-magnetic experts and scientists claim is the only type of water humans and animals should consume (https://mundi.com/news-starfire-water-mundimex-announce-availability-vitalizer-magnetizer-class-water-energizer/). Treating hard water in such a chemical-free and eco-friendly way is definitely very effective and beneficial for all home owners who protect their home investment to maintain its resale value and care about the health of its occupants.