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About the course

This is the integrated course including beginner, intermediate and advanced level.The aim of this course is to develop your talent through various watercolor techniques and different topics we are dealing with in order to enable you to discover what suits you best through exercises and new pieces of information. Is that painting the portraits, landscapes or something else? I will learn you how to observe and notice important details which are of key importance for your painting. If some of the topics are too complexe for you, please, do not worry! Look at the new video once more and try to paint that by yourself. You will see how you make progress and absorb knowledge without being fully aware of it. In this course we will learn how to use numerous techniques in order to paint still life, landscapes or part of them (for example, trees), portraits, flowers, etc. You will learn to apply different watercolor techniques, as well as color theory.

At the end of each lesson your task will be to paint something on the topic dealt with in the lesson. This will be your homework. In order to be more successful I prepared for you cretaive exercises and quizz questions.

Of course, you should expect bonus video lessons. Before you enter the course ask yourselves, how big are you willing to grow? You should know that many brilliant people failed because they did not use their talents.In this course you will learn how to choose appropriate materials for watercolor painting,apply color theory to your paintings and mix colors from various pigments.

You will learn various application tecniques in a painting,to create shadow and light.

And you will learn how to arrange compositions,you will learn about perspective and to paint beautiful landscapes,portraits,flowers,etc.

I will teach you to paint with more confidence using motivational quotes and I will make some suggestions about the various ways you can sell your art work using modern technology.


What do you want to achieve on this course?Setting a personal goal can help you feel motivated through the course.Your goal might be to learn about a new subject or be able to master a new skill or to answer a specific question.Why not share with your friends,family or colleagues to see if they might like to join you on this course?

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Dani Mrdaque.