The world of physical water models

Listen to Dr. David Werth on this episode of The Outfall Podcast: #03: The Incredible Shrinking Hydraulic Laboratory.

Do you remember your hardest class? Mine was Dr. Hayter’s Fluid Modeling class. I don’t remember the lectures, but I do remember the project.

Our class had to survey a short section of a creek that ran through Clemson University. Afterwards, we built a computer or numerical model from scratch to model this creek. This was tough, but what was tougher was what we had to do next. We built a physical model of the creek by scaling down all the dimensions…

Incredible story of an unbuilt Nuclear Power Plant

Duke Power found a perfect location for a nuclear power plant about 50 miles southwest of Charlotte, NC in South Carolina along the shores of the Broad River. Not far from the peach fields of Gaffney, Duke began building the Cherokee Nuclear Power Plant in the summer of 1976.

After spending over a billion dollars in today’s dollars and with only one of three reactors partially completed, work was halted the early 1980s. Slower growth of projected electric demand and growing regulatory pressure in the nuclear industry were blamed as the cause.

What do you do with an abandoned nuclear power plant?

A local businessman bought the site and converted…

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