Waterfall DAO

Waterfall is fully decentralized, $WTF is the community governance token.

Community Governance Framework

  • Have a sound incentive mechanism, give the community enough incentives to promote the community development and attract more community members.
  • Fair community rules to ensure fairness and equity so as not to discourage community members.
  • Well-functioned voting proposal system, holders of governance token are granted with the right to vote on proposals.
  • Transparent committee election system. Individuals or organizations with outstanding contributions can run for the committee and be elected by members’ votes as opinion leaders. Committee members have more weight to a certain extent, and community members have the power to abolish committee members.
  • Community funds are secured, the community treasury is multi-sig and jointly held by the team and the committee, and any actions will be implemented in advance through proposals approved by a community vote.


Proposal and Voting

  • Right to Propose: Users can initiate any proposal regarding a project.
  • Voting: Users have the right to vote on proposals.
  • The right to decide on the risk classification of the fund: by voting on the structure of the sub-fund.
  • The right to allocate the profit and loss of the fund: by voting on the proposal of the allocation of the fund.
  • Right to vote on future cooperation.



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A decentralized structure fund, which is a hierarchical structure protocol that brings more security, customizability and composability to users.