Water Journal 1°

— a bi-annual print publication exploring the beauty and complexity of all things water. Volume 1° is available for pre-order. Be a part of our journey!

Water Journal is a quiet exploration of all things water, celebrating its undeniable beauty and complexity. It exists to tell honest stories about one’s connection with water, whether it’s of a personal matter or on a global scale. Being entirely advertising-free and proudly independent, it thrives on real stories by real people.

Born purely out of love for water and print, Water Journal is intended to be held in one’s hands, experienced in person and kept like a book. We want you to take your time to truly immerse yourself in beautiful and captivating stories, translated through sustainable, quality print.

The first volume of Water Journal is a 150-page boundary-free collection of mesmerising content: visual and written features from talented contributors who really made it come to life:

Jason Sutherland, Nirit Gur Karby, Leon Foggitt, Sort Of Coal, Phen Weston, Victor Castanera, Nicole Mason, Théo de Gueltzl, Sophie Strobele, Zan Milan, Emily Margaret, Toby Mitchell, Meghan Plowman, Lisa Galesloot, Yoeri Khyrian Jonker, Morgan Bilbruck, Emilie Van Camp, Igor Pjörrt, Frederique Peckelsen.

Volume 1° is now available for pre-order. Be a part of our journey into print! Edvinas Bruzas, Founder & Editor of Water Journal: www.waterjournal.co

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