Research Updates of Clostridium Kluyveri

“The scientific puzzle that fascinated me most was the metabolism of the anaerobic bacterium Clostridium kluyveri, ” said Professor Rudolf Thauer in his career biography like article “My Lifelong Passion for Biochemistry and Anaerobic Microorganisms”.

It's my honour to share the same fascination with Prof. Rudolf as my Master thesis at Wageningen University was about Clostridium Kluyveri. Yesterday I ran into a super thrilling paper on Nature, “Complete nitrification by a single microorganism” via the Twitter of Prof. M. van Loosdrecht. To me, a environmental biotechnologist, this is a magnificant discovery! I can’t help but associate to C. Kluyveri, the unique bacteria which can produce caproate. I googled it for the latest articles over this bacteria and got the below results:

Recipe for its culture

Definitely a must-read article in 2008 by Seedorf et. al:

And… a remote article by Prof. Thauer:

Production of medium-chain volatile fatty acids by mixed ruminal microorganisms is enhanced by ethanol in co-culture with Clostridium kluyveri

Extraction of medium chain fatty acids from organic municipal waste and subsequent production of bio-based fuels

Methane Oxidation

Rudolf K. Thauer教授是德国马普陆地微生物研究所(Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology)创建者,曾任德国科学院副院长和马普陆地微生物研究所所长。曾荣获欧洲科学院院士(Academia Europaea)、德国科学院院士(German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina)、美国微生物科学院院士(American Academy of Microbiology)等称号。他主要从事厌氧细菌和古菌的生物化学、生理和生态学研究,其459篇论文被Web of Knowledge收录,总引用次数高达2万多次,其中单篇被引次数超过2000次,并被教科书广泛引用。其姓被命名了微生物的一个新属和一个新种,曾获德国最高科学研究奖-莱布尼茨奖、高斯奖和德国科学院功勋奖章等在内的一系列科学大奖和荣誉。