Sustainable Aeration Technology

China Concept WWTP Workshop Series — June 16, 2015

On June 16 2015 I organized another seminar for China Concept WWTP Committee. About 40 audiences attended this event.

I am a piece of total blank paper in the field of aeration technology. I was engrossed in the presentations like a pupil going to school for the first day. I was a bit proud of myself that I managed to invite the following experts to be our speakers: Michael Stenstrom, Diego Rosso, Kenneth Brischke, Peter Messner, Martin Grasl, LI Fangfang, and representatives from Feili Group and GUOZHEN Environment.

It is an instructive adventure! Unfortunately because we are really undermanned, I don’t when I can sort out the seminar report and upload to the website of China Concept WWTP.

This time I learned a legendary story of Rudolf Messner by his younger brother Peter Brother. Peter told how Rudolf found Rudolf Messner Umwelttechnik from starting his career as an electric engineer at SIEMENS. Very very inspiring! Rudolf is a super intelligent creature!

I will complete the story later. Here I first write down some key info:

DC Motor, AC Motor,



American Army


Georg Messner

TPU — Thermalplasticurethane


Udo Meyer




Schneider Elektronik



SSI, Sanitaire



Pro. Redmon

Today is July 8th, I come across another pdf about aeration control combined with ammonia removal.