Development Update 14th of July

Jul 14, 2019 · 2 min read

Dear WatermelonBlock community,

The application is close to being released, but while working towards this goal we have met many challenges. Today this development update is another update on a challenge we have faced.


The WMB AI development team have been working hard to incorporate two additional data sources in time for the production launch. These will consist of both news feeds and blog posts.

The inclusion of these additional data sources is aimed at delivering the following improvements to the user experience :

  1. Working with more data will derive greater accuracy from the sentiment models that generate the Melonscores.
  2. Working with more diverse data sources will ensure greater normalisation of the sentiment scores and reduce the likelihood of over-bias (skews) influence from any particular media platform.


While working with these data feeds, the development team have encountered differences in both the reliability of the content on some platforms as well as the stability of some of the APIs themselves.


As a result, the development team has decided to push the production release to the 9th of August. This to ensure that there is sufficient time to iron out any further glitches in the data feed integration and sentiment model.

We know you all have been waiting for the release. This might come as a disappointment but we are making this decision to release a solid and trusted application. We appreciate and are happy with all your support and we look forward to releasing the product with you all on the 9th of August.

WatermelonBlock Team and Andreas Wenzel
Head of WatermelonBlock Development Team
IBM Z and LinuxONE









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