4 Common Waterproofing Issues Faced by a Commercial Building

Do you want to save your building from water leakage problems? Read this article to know about some common commercial waterproofing issues.

Every year, water leakage problem causes many homeowners and builders to spend millions of dollars on repairing residential and commercial structures. So, if you are an owner of a commercial building, it is your responsibility to maintain the condition of the property and ensure that they are suitable for the tenants in every way. Thus, correct waterproofing is an important thing that you should consider to prevent damaged or leaky walls and roofs that can hamper the occupant’s business. You will be surprised to know that research has shown, while waterproofing accounts around only 1% of a building’s overall costs, water leakage can lead to 80% of a building’s defects. So, get the best waterproofing service for your commercial building now. It will not only ensure the safety of your property but also helps to prevent loss of rental income caused by the damage.

But, before looking for the best body corporate rejuvenation Melbourne company that will provide you with best waterproofing service, keep a note of some of the common waterproofing issues faced by a commercial building.

Flat rooftops

No matter how strong and sturdy is your commercial building is, it is always exposed to the risk of water leaks from above. For instance, water can slowly seep into the ceiling of the top floor from the puddles formed on the roof. This especially occurs with flat roofs, which collect water when it rains. The stagnant water then slowly seeps in to the roof causing a leak. Stagnant water on the roof can also damage the structure through wear and tear. So, make sure to get quality rooftop waterproofing Melbourne to avoid such problems.

Fault in the construction of the level of the floor

If you thought that the top floors are most vulnerable to water leakage since they are close to the roof, think again. Lower floors may suffer from the effects of faulty workmanship done on the floor above. For instance, the improper setting of the tiles or defective plumbing on the 5th floor can result in cracks, mould and structural defects and can cause huge damage to the 4th floor and those below it. This can be successfully tackled by applying liquid rubber Melbourne on the tiles of the bathroom floors, to avoid water from leaking to the lower floors.

Balconies and windows

Balconies and terraces are one of the most vulnerable to external elements like heat, rain and extreme weather conditions. Thus, these two areas in the building must be waterproofed carefully to prevent future seepage and leaks. Regardless of the direction of rain, any outside area open to the elements will get wet, and incorrect waterproofing will only allow water to get straight into the building through the open pores or cracks. Windows are also one of the most vulnerable points for water to get into buildings. Inadequate waterproofing will drive rain straight through the cracks and fissures, especially when the conditions are windy.

Now, that you know that the common waterproofing issues in a commercial building, don’t wait till it’s too late. Contact a reliable company providing waterproofing Melbourne cbd and fix the issues now.

Author Bio — Jason Fox is a professional providing waterproofing Melbourne cbd service. He works with the best body corporate rejuvenation Melbourne Company that offers rooftop waterproofing Melbourne with liquid rubber Melbourne.