How to Avoid Common Commercial RO Water Purifier Problems

A Commercial RO System is the need of every commercial entity these days.

With the increasing pollution level and high TDS of water, it has become essential to install a trusted Commercial RO Water Plant in every commercial establishment. The Commercial RO is in fact installed these days in many such places, i.e. shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, colleges, schools, airports, Movie theaters, etc.

However, after the use of few initial months, some Commercial RO systems start giving one or another problem. Frequent RO problems are the real headache for someone, who has installed an expensive Water Purifier Commercial RO Plant, expecting the purified water 24 x 7 without failure. Let’s find out about a few of such common Commercial RO problems.

1. Bad Water taste

This is the most common problem occurred in many domestic as well as Commercial RO Plant System. Some Commercial RO after the use of few initial weeks or months, start giving water with bad taste. This is largely due to some heavy metals, minerals, chlorine etc. present in the water. The filtration system that filters these impurities require fixing in this case.

2. TDS level of water

It is crucial to check the TDS level of water prior to and after installing the Commercial RO Plant and keep a check on the same on a regular basis. In Some cases, TDS level of the water increases drastically, or it can reduce as well to alarming level, if the source of water has changed in your area recently. Both conditions are not safe or healthy for humans.

3. Bad Smell

Excessive chlorine or hydrogen sulfide present in the water can cause the bad odor or smell in water. Effective multiple filtration system can efficiently help fix this issue.

4. Discoloration in Utensils

The contamination caused by iron and magnesium can result in rust or discoloration of utensils, dishes, sinks, or cookware, etc. iron filter or oxidizing filter can be a solution to this problem.

Noisy Drain operation

After installing the RO System, it start giving some irritating noise in operation. Some key parts, i.e. drain system may case this noise. However, this noise should be beyond a level, as the RO water purifiers are manufactured keeping in mind the minimum noise while operating. However, if the issue persists, it require thorough checking whether it require straightening the tubes, or any installation fault is there, etc.

To avoid all these frequent RO problems, you must purchase and install a Commercial RO Systems from trusted Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers only. In addition, take utmost care and vigilance while installation or demonstration of your RO Commercial Plant. It has to be perfect in terms of taste of water, TDS Level, faultless operation, etc.

Finally, though domestic or Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers purifiers are need of different domestic users or commercial entities, however, faultless operation is the primary thing you must notice to get purified, healthy and safe water all the time without getting frequent RO problems.

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