Phishing attempt #456, an offer I can’t refuse!

Alex Waters
May 6 · 2 min read

I received the following email from my web contact form:

Upon further investigation: I believe it is just a targeted phishing attempt. It is certainly not the owner of looking to purchase my amazing, incredible blog.

womp womp

Here I thought Marlon Brando wanted to give me some oranges.

An offer I could refuse

The interesting part is that this Jumba Chat looks like it might be the payload.

Upon googling — I was directed to — a completely illegitimate website. The domain was registered a year ago and there is nearly zero information about Jumba chat online, despite their website claiming that “41,000 people shared”.

They try to get you to download their .exe file that seems to be a reskin of Trillian chat. I imagine this contains some nasty virus that steals your bitcoins, enslaves your Cryptokitties, and spams your grandparents on Facebook.


Be careful when downloading files from the web. Especially when you hear about them via email.

Alex Waters
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