Ctrl-Alt-Del & #BREXIT

On problem solving, adaptation, and break-ups.

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Admit it. You always press’em when you have a problem and can’t find an obvious solution. But many times terminating an application, rebooting the operating system, and or breaking up does not work as a solution. Solving problems is often the most difficult path to choose. And it always means having an open mind to seeing things from different perspectives (including the Other’s, thank you Sean Blanda)and that means….

REPEAT after me:

Learn to work with differences or die

Adapt to differences or die

Transform towards differentiated advantage or die

Change towards differentiated advantage or die

Innovate to define your differentiated advantage or die

History is just one mirror of the inability to solve problems due to conflicting differences & changes.

Thus there are many different kinds of death. It depends on the unit level of analysis. But life depends on the ability not only to survive, solve problems and live, reproduce, but also the ability to adapt in order to thrive optimally. From cell death below, to individuals dying from disease, from the death of an idea, to the death of a 43 year marriage between Britain and the EU (Brexit June 24, 2016), to the tragedies of deaths brought about by genocide and the slow death of a star or planet.


Adaptation and problem solving happens from the cellular level to the universal. And those that adapt and transform themselves to new and/or competitive conditions and problems will thrive optimally (not just survive).

Regarding BREXIT, problem solving, and adaptation to new conditions. I agree with Constanza Stelzenmuller’s contribution on NPR yesterday. Britain remains a member of the EU Security Council post this historical democratic divorce. She and I both hope that not only a respectful divorce will occur; but a good relationship going forward will be the goal. Beneath the surface of the relationship are many governmental entanglements which means they have to continue working together. Just like a married couple with children. They are tied to each other by similar security interests and risks, among others. It is inevitable that Britain and the EU will have to adapt to a new transformed relationship. As in all break-ups or divorces; everyone has choices. To split as:

(1) FRIENDS acting with the understanding of what is best for each other and how that depends on mutual kindness. To divorce as

(2) RESPECTFUL entities with acceptance of differences, mindfulness and care...OR to break as

(3) ENEMIES with anger, resentfulness and punishing each other while fighting over resources and isolating future generations (you know how that works out for children).

Like it or not, we are all integrated into a global interdependent economic system with shared financial and societal ties, knots even, that connect us all to each other. Time reveals for all the inability to learn, adapt, transform, change, and innovate under new & competing conditions.

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So before you press CNTRL-ALT-DELETE again and before you consider breaking up and getting a divorce, think about your problem from another perspective first. Then review your choices.

The six blind men and the elephant: only a global analysis of the overall data provides a true understanding. http://blog.affinimeter.com/page/2/

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