Understanding React’s render and diffing mechanisms with Preact.

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It has been a while I had this curiosity to dig into React’s code-base and find out how its internals and how the mysterious diffing algorithm works. While I was searching more on this I found this React alternative library called Preact which has smaller code-base than React but provides the same declarative API. This article is based on Preact’s code-base which should be somewhat similar to React’s actual implementation.

Preact is Fast 3kB alternative to React with the same modern API.

Assuming we are writing in ES6 syntax with JSX let’s begin from following code block which is the…

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There can be a scenario where you need to add an endpoint to your React Storybook project to test some component’s functionality. Recently I came across the above scenario and have to find out away.

What I found out is React storybook indeed have this functionality implemented and hidden deep down in its pull requests and not properly documented. Hence this post.

We need to add a new file named middleware.js inside .storybook folder. This is the file where we customize the router. …

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