Services Offered by a Locksmith in Wallsend

Frank Watkins
3 min readMay 7, 2023

Locksmiths provide many different services designed to prevent thieves from breaking into homes and businesses, such as installing electronic security systems with single key access instead of different keys for each door.

Repair or replace locks and door hardware as necessary, while providing roadside services like unlocking cars.


Rekeying locks is less expensive and quicker than replacing them if you suspect someone else may possess an identical key to yours. A locksmith can rekey existing door knobs, levers or deadbolts by changing their pins/ tumblers inside; these pins/ tumblers match with specific keys which will render any former keys useless — this process only takes minutes when completed by a professional locksmith.

Locksmiths will first remove the lock cylinder from any housing it rests in before installing rekeying pins into its cylinder. These rekeying pins will take the same positions as your key but with different combinations of raised and lowered pins; they come as part of a rekeying kit; to access these pins they require either a screwdriver or pliers to remove it from its mounting plate and insert rekeying pins before reassembling the lock.

Lock Replacement

Lock replacement differs from rekeying in that it involves physically replacing existing lock hardware with brand new products, whether that means upgrading security features or simply making old locks obsolete. Lock replacement may become necessary if your old or rusty locks no longer function as desired, or if moving into a new house requires more secure products to secure its doors.

Your key doesn’t turn as easily, or requires more force to turn than it used to. If this is the case, the lock cylinder pins may have worn out; in that case your locksmith can use a pick set (rake, hook and diamond) and tension wrench to loosen and replace these pins and springs inside of the cylinder.

Have you lost a key, and are worried someone else might find it? Or have you recently completed renovation and want to prevent tradespeople or materials suppliers from entering while you’re out? In these situations, a full lock change may be the most convenient and stylish solution; plus it gives your door the look it needs with new, stylish locks!

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry systems offer an efficient alternative to traditional lock-and-key options. They typically rely on motorized “smart locks” that connect directly to digital networks via Bluetooth or the Internet and when guests or staff present credentials such as mobile keys, smartphone apps or codes typed into smart lock keypads close to doors the system verifies them and unlocks them accordingly.

This can be much simpler and safer than trying to insert physical keys into locks; no risk of locking yourself out should your key get misplaced or break in the lock! Furthermore, temporary codes that expire automatically and central monitoring capabilities allow for remote management of worker and vendor access.

Some may opt to install their keyless entry themselves, but professional assistance should always be sought to ensure it’s installed without damaging the vehicle. Installation typically involves disconnecting and unplugging batteries as well as unbolting steering wheel covers before connecting wires in their appropriate locations.

Single-Key Access

One key can open all doors within your home or business for added convenience and security — this system is known as “master keying,” and your locksmith can easily set this type of lock for you.

When losing or having stolen your key, call on a locksmith immediately to regain access to your property and rekey its locks as well as install new ones if necessary.

Businesses of all kinds can benefit from installing a single-key access system to improve employee efficiency and reduce security risks. You’re able to monitor who accesses what areas of the building, monitor employee usage, reduce internal theft and ensure excellent customer service experiences while meeting sales goals with this type of solution. Plus, installing one doesn’t cost very much money!