National holiday is bad idea

I talked with a friend who manage a Japanese company in London. I asked him about differences between U.K. and Japan.

He felt the gap between u.k. staffs and Japanese these. Because U.k. Customer support members and Japanese developers would not eat out each other. But after hiring U.K. engineers, U.k. Engineers and Japanese engineers would hook up usually. So he realized that the gap was not between U.K. members and Japanese members but also support members and development members. The gap is same in Japan, he told me. Engineers have the gap with another professional members whole over the world!

But of course there is another gap between U.K. and japan, he said. In U.K. usually all members don’t do overtime, and take paid holidays completely. U.K. Don’t have much national holidays comparing japan, but usually companies have to provide annual paid holidays more than 25 days.

In Japan, most of people have guilty conscience to take paid holidays, despite it’s labor’s right. So in japan have national holidays comparing other countries. But it force people to move same time, and pack them in like sardine everywhere. Sometime I feel it as duty but right. Now I don’t have good idea, but we should find other solutions.

Quite often people take holidays almost 1 month in a row. I think that Using continuous holidays like that, we can get new skill or improve our skills. But lastly, he said that even thogh in u.k., no one take holidays over 1 month in a row like me :p

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