Becoming The Better You Is..

About taking that first step. It’s about taking the first leap. Becoming the better version of yourself requires you to examine yourself completely and admit that you are in fact imperfect, and be ok with that understanding. But although ok with that understanding, it’s important to take that first step and plan out a strategy to improve yourself for the greater good for not only you, but the world and people around you who could benefit from the greater you. Yes, this is easy to put into words, so here are the real world difficulties that you may and most likely will encounter along your journey of renewal and how you may overcome them:

  1. Temptation: This is an easy one. We are human beings, and being human means we are naturally enticed by so called ‘vices’ that exist all around us. The average person may see no problem indulging in the array of temptations that entice our senses, but our better selves know that many of these things are in no way beneficial for our overall growth. Now, when you first start to work on yourself you will stumble and fall, many times on average, but it is imperative that you continue to stand up and move forward each time. Math equations often take numerous times to figure out, igniting a fire takes a few strikes, and thus it’s only natural that it may take some time, persistence, and assistance to develop yourself. Have a strong will and know you’re not alone.
  2. Self Doubt: The world seems so perfect through the lens of social media and other filters. Often we may see other people living their lives in seemingly harmonious fashion, or in destruction and believe there is no way to attain such glee or climb from the depths of misery and complacency. Everyone was once a baby, void of any talent or skill, we were all equals. Over time we all changed, some for the better or worse. No matter your circumstances you can still change, because change is constant and the clock is always ticking. There is always time to become better. Just because you have fallen short so many times or you come from a harsh background, there is a chance for you. The world is full of resources and people who are ready and willing to lend a hand. You are not alone and will prevail to become the better you, all it takes is persistence and confidence that change will come. Physical and emotional pain may occur, but it’s called growing pain. Necessary pain to endure so you may grow stronger. So find a friend to talk to, read a good book, or listen to uplifting music, all of these are simple ways to get yourself on your feet and moving forward. Don’t be afraid to fail, failing means you are trying, and eventually something has to give, and that will be your success.

These are a few obstacles you may face along your journey to become a better you, and shouldn’t be seen as negative. Often we are given opportunities to prove ourselves better and overcome adversity. If you face these obstacles along the way, meet them head on, don’t be afraid to fail, and don’t take accept failure if it comes. Pick yourself up and keep your eyes fixed foreword. The world needs the better you, the time is now. Do great things.