New Doctor Who Companion Emerges — News & Details

Doctor Who may not be making a comeback this year but it still managed to stay in the news. Fans of the 50 year old TV show were finally granted a respite from their disappointment by releasing a new video that showed the newest member of the Doctor franchise — and not just any member…it’s the new companion!!

New Doctor Who Companion

Yes, that’s right… the latest news is that of someone else taking up the mantle of Doctor Who companion after the fans waved goodbye to Jenna Coleman after she took a step down from the set. With Jenna (Clara Oswald) becoming such a staple in the Doctor Who universe, it was indeed a hard though to put someone in her wise teacher shoes. But lo and behold, the writers once again chose a different characteristic for the new Doctor compatriot and it is none other than — Pearl Mackie.

Who is Pearl Mackie

There is not much to know about her except that he has a trendy dressing style but with the latest video released, we had inkling into the type of relationship that Pearl will have with the Peter Capaldi Doctor. The newest chum of the Doctor will be asking questions that he never thought of while this time he will be the wise one instead of Clara to keep this young energetic friend of his away from intergalactic monsters and whatnot.

Fan Response

The fans took her lively acting skills into stride and are giving her the heads and up and support. Not only those, Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat have both greeted their newest set member and have praised her immensely. There is every chance that we will get to see Pearl aka Bill in action on the Christmas special… if not, then fans will have to wait for a few more months before they get their hands on the full new season in 2017.

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