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Since their official inception in 2013, having Mastercoin as the first mover, the past few years have seen a massive number of ICOs take place. In 2017 ICOs raised a whopping $5.6 billion in funds for blockchain projects. Estimates further suggest that 30% of the totality of early stage startup funding from last year occurred on the blockchain. This was at least twice as much compared to the amounts raised via Kickstarter campaigns.

In 2018 the crypto market came crumbling down and has lost over a staggering 80% of its total value. Bitcoin, having flirted with the $20,000 price tag…

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You’ve found your way here so I’m guessing you’re already familiar with the blockchain concept and how it works. For the sake of this article, we will skip the part on explaining the technology. If you need some catching up, check our explanatory piece on the topic.

So, governance — what is it exactly?

Governance is a term that relates to decision making processes within an organization — who is responsible for what, how are major decisions being taken or implemented, is authority vested in a select few or distributed among all participants, etc.

All those questions have different implications…

The crypto space is slowly but surely moving away from ‘unregulated mess’ status.

At the same time last year, ICOs often glazed headlines as ‘fraudulent, valueless, cheap tricks to raise money’.

Most governments were not big fans either. South Korea, a current seat for notable crypto-related operations such as the Binance exchange, imposed a total ban on ICOs. Just recently however, they took a 180* turn and announced plans to introduce targeted legislation.

In 2018, the volume of token sales is growing at an unprecedented pace. The market is maturing, legislators are no longer turning a blind eye and the…


Our last piece introduced some useful tips for crypto enthusiasts looking to navigate around red flags in the high ICO seas. This time on the wind has directed our sails to Issuer Island, a large exporter of popular currencies.

The population here is composed of a variety of peculiar individuals who all work together. It is quite easy however to identify two main groups.

In the BizBar we can see The Suits in their natural habitat — conversing between each other with a drink in hand, looking for partnerships and value, trying to convince the ordinary lay to back up…


There is a new kid on the fundraising block, a bright young mind not yet completely chained by regulatory parenting, but nevertheless one that requires significant nurturing to fulfill its potential. Since its birth in 2013, the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has taken the world by storm. In 2017 alone, more than 900 initial token sales took place and entrepreneurs raised a whopping total amount north of $5 billion on the blockchain. This figure has already been surpassed in the second quarter of 2018. As of the beginning of July, ICO funding from this year is nearing $15 billion.

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Star Wars is a compelling story about a little kid called Anakin Skywalker. Branded ‘the Chosen One’, Anakin is the saga’s messiah who holds great promise to bring balance to the force and ensure peace throughout the galaxy.


Except he doesn’t quite live up to the hype.

In the end, Anakin’s individual complexity, lack of discipline and inexperience eventually turn him into Darth Vader, a character nothing short of a downright manifestation of evil.

There is some resemblance to be found with blockchain. It is usually advertised as the holy grail of our time. Internet 2.0. The…

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Good day, people! Since this is our first write-up we thought its best to briefly introduce ourselves and give you an idea of why we decided to start our blog series.

We are Watson Law (Damn, what a cool name! Thank you all!) — a niche law firm specialized in corporate counsel and the interconnected topics of banking, finance and insolvency. In addition, the lawyers at Watson Law find great interest in the application of disruptive technologies in everyday law practice, in particular the rise of blockchain and artificial intelligence. …

Watson Law

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