Banner & Alert Notification of iOS 10 Explained

Have you ever come across the following issue? You received a notification. The banner notification appears on top of the screen as it should. However it seems to stay there forever no matter how long the time passes. Eventually, you end up pressing the home button to dismiss it.

Fear not, you are not alone. Other users are facing the same issue. Here is a discussion thread on Apple Developer Forum:

A user in that forum“ hacknicity” explained the situation:

In iOS 9 banners appeared at the top of the screen and alerts looked like UIAlert. It looks like iOS 10 shows alerts using a very similar appearance to banners (at the top of the screen). Banners still disappear automatically and alerts require the user to dismiss them. Perhaps your notifications were alerts that you thought were banners.

I tried out what he/she said and it worked! To get a better idea of what is it about, have a look at the screenshot below.

Apple describes it clearly but let me rephrase it again in this way: “Banners” and “Alerts” are now visually the same. The only difference is that banners come and go away by itself, while alerts come and stay until you do something with it.

So if your notifications are really persistent, try to check and play around with this setting. Go to Settings>Notifications. Then, select an app sent you the notification. You might be surprised.

Bonus: I got it. Is there a better way to inform user about this change?

Again, you are not alone! I do have the same feeling. Apple should have informed us about this. Unfortunately, that is not the case in my experience.

I have an idea how to inform user about this change which I will send as a feedback to Apple. Here is how:

Right after user update their devices to iOS 10, they should receive 2 notifications. The first one should be an alert type. It should contains something like “This is a sample alert-type notification. It will stay on the screen until you take action with it. Swipe it up or press a home button to dismiss.” After it has been dismissed, the second one of a banner-type should show up and says “This is a sample banner-type notification. It will appear on top of the screen and go way automatically.”

Just an idea but I believe this is a better way than trying to figure what is going on after some notifications show up and block your screen. It can be frustrating.