Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse on MacOS

I was looking for an all-in-one mouse. After some researches, I ended up buying this Microsoft mouse for my Mac.

It is indeed very Microsoft, notice the “blue button” on side. Put that aside for a while, this is a sizable Bluetooth mouse so there is no need for dongle. It fits well with my hand. Plus, scroll wheel supports horizontal scrolling which is quite handy for productivity task. For me this is deal breaker over Magic Mouse due to its not so ergonomic design and my craving for gaming now and then. Not to mention, a huge price gap. I got it from Amazon Japan for about 2000 yen after tax VS 8800 yen before tax. Yikes!

TLDR; Highly recommended even for Mac users.

I’ve got what I’ve been looking for but there is one more thing. Can I make that “blue button” useful? On Windows, you can press it to launch Start Menu, swipe up and down to go forward and backward. None of these are working on a Mac. After googling for a while, I found these.

They are very promising and practical. Yet, I simply want a native solution to make sure I can keep my MacOS up-to-date without any compatibility issues. Therefore, I have no choice but to sadly skip. If you have tried them, please let me know how is your experience in the comment.

Desperate hours passed by. I decided to give up on that “blue button”. Then accidentally, I ran into this in System Preference.

There is an option to set mouse shortcut for Mission Control! After a trial and error, I found out that Mouse Button 4 is mapped to swipe down and Mouse Button 5 for swipe up. So there you go. The “blue button” is now functional on a Mac now! It’s limited to 2 options above but this is definitely better than nothing.

TLDR; you can make use of that “blue button” by assigning mouse button 4 and 5 for Mission Control mouse shortcuts.

Find my post useful? Have some thoughts? Any feedbacks are welcome!

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