Making My First Tech News

On Monday, I sat down to make my first tech news video. It was weird being in front of the camera and not talking about me.

For the last year I have been uploading videos talking about myself, so therefore I was my own source. What my thoughts were, and the way I felt was very easy to talk to a camera about.

Shooting a Tech News video is way different. I have to look up sources and news and actually do some homework, with somewhat of a layout before I start shooting. You can’t make up the news when reporting. There are a lot sources and facts that I have to put into effect when shooting a video, and although the work load looks super rough I am excited about the way my first video turned out.

Surely, it definitely looks like a girl in college dorm made it, but at the same time there is so much room for improvement, and so much potential that I could see this news channel growing into something really cool.

I am always open to suggestions for these videos, and I plan to do 2–3 topics a week in current tech and media news. If you want me to talk about anything specific, send me a tweet @watthemehak.

Thanks so much for supporting. xx

You can watch my first tech video here:

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