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Mehak Vohra 07/09/15

My third week at Nektur is coming to an end. Time is flying by and I can’t believe that this week is almost over. Last week I made a video, in which I showed everyone around the Nektur office. I love making videos, and I think I always will. When the guys told me I could make a YouTube video, I was ecstatic. There’s something about being able to share your videos with hundreds of people from a computer that will always captivate me. The internet is an inspirational place if you go about using it the right way.

In the beginning of last week I was given a project to turn an html website into a wordpress website. The process has been a little frustrating for me because I can’t figure out how to convert some of the posts to WordPress.

I have watched countless videos after videos online to get a better idea on what I need to do, and I have gone through so many tutorials, but there doesn’t seem to be a solution that I can use to fix my problem.

Tuesday night, I sat down at my desk at home, and wrote up a whole map structure of how I thought the website should be laid out, I came in Wednesday and it didn’t work! The most frustrating thing is that I know what’s wrong with it and why it’s not working the way it should, but what I don’t know is how go about fixing the issue.

Wordpress for the most part is marketed towards being an easier website setup, and since I can’t figure out how to get past my issue, it’s been really frustrating. I’m a Computer Science major, so the fact that I’m so stumped is what I can’t sleep over at night. The friends that I have brought the issue up with are stumped as well. WordPress Veterans can’t even figure this one out for me.

I can’t wait for the moment that I figure it out. That’s the best moment of all moments. When you’ve been stumped on something that your coding and then all of a works! The funniest thing about those experiences are that if you don’t go back and redo it immediately AFTER you have figured it out, you will forget how you went about coding it. Coding is sometimes like a guessing game, you try different things until it works. Once you guess how it works you have to learn it, so that you don’t have to waste time guessing about it in the future.

I’m going to try and get the website done by the end of this week. The guys have me working on a lot of different things and I can’t wait to see what they have planned next for me, but to move on I need to get this website done first. I set a goal for Thursday but none of the ideas are working, so wish me the best of luck as I dive in headfirst again.

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