The United Airlines Fiasco Proves My Point

As many of you saw, over the weekend, an elderly doctor was scheduled to fly on United Airlines from Chicago to Louisville. The story has taken mainstream by a storm. In the video footage, he’s treated horrendously and dragged off the flight, only to come running back onto the flight disoriented and bloodied.

When I first saw the footage Monday morning, my first reaction was to naturally to be angry at United Airlines! How could a corporation treat their own customers like that? From what I’ve learned, that’s not how you run a business.

As an airline, if you’ve overbooked a flight, your customers come first. NOT your employees. Chicago is not that far from Louisville, they could have easily rented a car.

But when I went back to watch it again a thought popped into my head.

Why didn’t anyone else on the plane try to stop it?

Why didn’t anyone else offer to give up their seat? Everyone is there screaming and angry at United, but no one did anything to stop it. No one stood up for the poor man.

Not to generalize, but the more and more I look around, the more and more I see us as a nation of talk, not action.

It bothers me that the first thought that went into the traveler’s heads wasn’t to just give up their seat and help the man, but to film it.

Screaming and filming doesn’t do anything in the long run except cause controversy. Why didn’t anyone get up and say “this isn’t right?”

What’s the point of all of this outrage if nobody was doing anything when it was actually happening?

I’d be interested to see how many of those people were out protesting a few months prior on the streets. I’d be interested to see how many of those people rallied to fight for “what’s right.” But honestly, it upsets me to see that all of those people hid behind their phones. Everyone talks about how they want to be brave and are soo outraged, but no one cared about being brave in that situation then.

I’m incredibly disappointed at United Airlines and the way they have handled themselves, but I’m even more disappointed at how the people on that plane handled that situation.

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