Day 3: Prince Guitar

Ok, so I know I said I was going to create something everyday and I guess this counts. It just so happened that Stickermule is having an awesome dribbble playoff (Check it out here) where you get 10 free magnets for rebounding their dribbble post. These guys are just geniuses and are marketing themselves fantastically to their user-base. Very impressed.

Long story short, I knew that I wanted to spend a bit more time on some of the items that I put together for my Prince tribute, after all this “create something everyday” thing is suppose to be fast, an hour tops. It usually takes longer than that though.

I decided to flesh out the guitar that I had made for Day 1. They were pretty basic when it came to the details as I didn’t want them to be the focus of the piece so they sat back at bit.

For the sticker I knew we needed to get a bit more detailed so I grabbed the image I was using to create the guitars and when to work adding detail little by little.

All I needed was this photo because its that awesome.
Some detail shots of the final magnet

I used basic gradients and transparent lines to work out the highlights and shadows. The only unique detail about the guitar is that I created a custom scatter brush with tiny little cirlces. I then painted those circles across the guitar at random places and clipped them with the guitar shape. Its pretty simple once you make it happen. I should also add that I increased the transparency of the shapes so they weren’t too overpowering.

Process photos attached below for making a scatter brush:

Once you’ve created what you think will be a good brush go ahead and drag it in to your brush palette in illustrator.
Make sure that you choose scatter brush and then play around with the settings. It will take a couple edits to get it to a point where they feel random and scattered. Play with the minimum and max settings of each one for contrasting results.

There is it everyone! Day 3 down and day 4 coming up!

Check out the dribbble shot here.

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