A Special Announcement

watzan adds a strategy director to hone healthcare operations around the company’s award-winning products

watzan hired Renee Polvino as its first Director of Healthcare Strategy. Company CEO, Charles Benaiah, said, “We serve two distinct audiences — clinicians and brands. Renee understands them both. She was a big part in building Sequence into healthcare’s first personal content concierge. I am thrilled to work with her again.”

Everyone in healthcare wants simple ways to reach relevant information for themselves, their patients, or their brands. That is watzan’s mission: Create products that curate the content you love and the places you go. Our products form a bridge between the evolving needs of clinicians and brands.

Thousands of healthcare providers have used watzan’s award-winning mapt platform to connect with each other and with content at more than 30 conferences. In the coming weeks, the company will release feedkast, a “Spotify for stories” app.

“Pharma has embraced watzan’s direction and these new solutions,” stated Renee. “I am excited to find ways that healthcare providers, patients, and brands can derive even more value from them. We will make mapt available at more places and use it to help people uncover more things.”

Renee joins the company from Siemens Diagnostics where she was a senior member of the service documentation team. Prior to that, Renee served as Executive Editor and Special Projects Editor for Sequence Medical and HMP Communications. Her relationships with pharmaceutical and biomedical clients as well as healthcare professionals have provided keen insight into the needs of both sides of the industry.