Learn More About mapt

watzan is thrilled to announce big changes to our award-winning app. We’ve improved the heat map and integrated social media elements. We’ve also changed its name from Zen to mapt, as we feel it better reflects our goals.

Our name change is easy to explain. We want our app to serve as a guide at conferences or any other field. We lay out everything to lead people to the content they want to see. We’re your map.

Our heat map is better than ever. It presents every session as a series of tiles on a grid. It incorporates elements of social media. You can see how many people are attending each session and gauge its popularity. You can also discover which of your friends are going to an event. We’ve combined these techniques with our revolutionary heat map technology, which constantly evolves to match your interests. It’s intuitive and user friendly.

mapt has appeared at dozens of conferences, connecting thousands of people to the sessions they want to see. We’ve worked with numerous partners, bringing their stories to new customers. With these changes, we’ve gotten even better. The user will be able to enjoy a more seamless, immersive app, one that’s catered to them and keeps them connected. Our clients will be able to integrate advertisements into our system, telling stories that benefit users. It’s a win-win for customers and companies.

mapt is the perfect app for a medical conference or any event. It’s socially-sourced content.