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Jan 9, 2017 · 2 min read
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We live on social media. Every part of our lives, from sports to politics to pop culture, is documented, analyzed, and critiqued online. We love to debate and discuss a myriad of topics with each other through social platforms.

Twitter is unquestionably one of the titans on the medium. Ten years into its existence, it remains a popular site for social engagement. It’s a main source of news, information, and entertainment for millions of people. It’s our main line to the hottest topics.

But it’s not perfect. It can be tricky to navigate through the vast swath of users, photos, and trends. We can get lost in the woods sometimes. We need something that brings content to us, something that can be our personal curator. Don’t worry, this will make sense in a moment.

Let’s rewind to Rio 2016. It was a busy time on Twitter. Dozens of events occurred every day, hundreds of stories popped up, and millions of people filtered through the system. For one person, it was like wandering through a massive crowd at a marketplace: Chaotic, overwhelming, and difficult.

Imagine you wanted to find stories on American weightlifting. You type in the appropriate hashtag and you’re greeted with a barrage of Tweets. Anyone and everyone is commenting on weightlifting. Short blurbs, long diatribes, clickbait, and pointless photos obstruct the path to what you really want: Stories. You have to hack your way through the Twitter jungle to find the gems. That’s where feedkast comes in.

feedkast builds on the blueprint of mapt, our award-winning app. Just like that platform, feedkast is built around your interests. It finds the stories that matter to you. Here’s how it works: Type in a hashtag into feedkast. Tell it what you’re passionate about. Then watch the stories roll in. feedkast collects the articles related to your hashtags and brings them to your personal feed. Dive deeper than ever into your interests without getting bogged down with unnecessary flab. Create multiple feeds to stay up-to-date with the topics you love.

feedkast is more than an app; it’s an ecosystem. It changes and adapts based on your preferences. Unlike mapt, which stays focused on a narrow set of sessions at medical conferences, feedkast pulls from a limitless pool of sources. It’s active and fresh at all times. feedkast isn’t a stagnant app; it’s alive.

feedkast suits everyone. For reporters who want stay connected with the news, average people who want to learn more, and everybody in between, feedkast is the perfect app. It’s your personal online magazine store. Ready to start?

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