The watzan Playbook

By: Sean Mott

Brian Eno is one of the most decorated and celebrated music producers of the last fifty years. He’s collaborated with everyone from David Bowie to U2 to Coldplay. He’s praised for his creative process and ability to think outside the box. In the mid-1970s, he released Oblique Cards. They’re a series of guidelines, suggestions, and cryptic phrases meant to encourage artists to think laterally in order to overcome creative hurdles. Eno showed the world his playbook, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

At watzan, we’ve been studying social media and consumer engagement trends for years. We’ve worked at conferences and live events where we can see these factors play out in real time. We understand how online interactions can impact healthcare marketing, and we want to share that knowledge.

We’re releasing a 12-slide information packet. It details the current state of advertising and social media, and how those two elements impact each other. We discuss “native content,” “influencers,” and other important terms. It’s a glimpse behind our curtain.

If you’re interested, please email to request a copy.