Are You a Fat Burner or a Sugar Burner?

Are you always hungry?

Perhaps you eat a big breakfast, but after only a few hours you’re starving again. Then, you might crash in the late morning and the only saving grace is that lunch is right around the corner. Once lunch is over, you’re just counting down the minutes until dinner.

This is the classic case of a sugar burner.

And a sugar burner is just what it sounds like: your body runs on sugar for energy. That may sound fine, but your body isn’t designed to run on sugar. It’s designed to run on fat. Ideally, your body uses fat for energy and fuel.

But, when you feed your body a constant supply of sugar, it only creates a vicious cycle as your body craves more sugar.

A few short hours after eating, you are hungry again. In addition, you often feel tired, irritable, and stressed. Not only that, but it’s a daily struggle to lose weight and you frequently carry fat around your belly area.

If you are constantly hungry and need a continual supply of snacks to get through the day, you are most likely a sugar burner.

However, once you become a fat burner, you literally shift from burning glucose as your primary fuel source to burning fat.

This is where the magic begins. You find out what it’s like to feel full again. Your hormones begin working with you as you lose fat and stay lean. In a nutshell, becoming a fat burner is the magic bullet against keeping your fat off for the long-term.

How Do You Become a Fat Burner?

First and foremost, you need to taper off high-sugar foods (and foods that convert to sugar like pasta, grains, dairy) and transition to a diet of low sugar foods. This will quickly reset your metabolism as your body works more efficiently to shed those extra pounds.

As you replace those sugar-laden foods with good fats and lean protein, you will burn calories all day long. In fact, you’ll even burn fat while you’re sleeping.

As you taper off sugar, you’ll notice countless differences. You will be able to go hours between meals. You won’t experience those sudden crashes of energy throughout the day. And you will begin shedding pounds quickly.

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