Bali Surf Camp Tour

When talking about the top surfing destinations of the world, Bali certainly deserves a mention. What makes this destination of Indonesia perfect surfing spot for beginners and experienced is its volcanic reef-fringed shoreline? This surfing destination enjoys a tropical climate, implying that the water here is always warm and makes a good choice for yearlong surfing.

There are various reasons that make Bali a good surfing point. For instance, the secluded breaks and warm water are top reasons why surfing enthusiasts prefer coming here. The trade winds that blow during the dry season make the west coast a favorable option for surfing. On the other hand, during the wet season it’s the winds and tides that make the east coast a favorable choice for surfing. In fact, it is the favorable weather conditions that make Bali a great place to learn to surf.

In Bali there are a couple dozen large international hotels and most of them are strung together in the resort area in the south, but throughout the island there are also small, locally-owned hotels. Some only have a few rooms and others are much larger, but they tend to be a bit more luxurious than the aforementioned guesthouses. For only a bit more money you might be getting a refrigerator in the room and a comfortable bed and nice bathroom as well. Air conditioning is available in some rooms at some places, and usually for a higher price. Depending on the person and the time of year, A/C might be your only hope of getting to sleep or a complete waste of money.

But Wave Hunters Surf Camp provides spacious luxury Surf Hostel Canggu. Bali Surf Camp tour ensures to offer you a perfect balance of adventure, surfing, relaxation, wildlife and partying. We are located in Canggu, one of the most popular areas for surfers in Bali. Our Surfers Hostel has dorms room each with toilet and bathroom. The place offers a beautiful garden to chill out and do yoga. Also included is a BBQ area and a kitchen. Both places offer a clean, friendly, Balinese atmosphere flavored with a lot of surfing spirit.

We are looking for volunteers to help in our hostel — adventurous, a person who love surfing and travelling, good in writing, social network promotion and have computer skills. Someone who is good with people and ready to enjoy life here sharing experience and gaining some new knowledge.

We enjoy life, we want to explore and most of all we love to surf. Not just a place to stay, we are like a family, a home and a place where guests enjoy life and find what they want and a place where they can experience life in the simplest and purest way. We love surfing and travelling and also have a lot of interesting projects. We are not held back by time and place, just follow our passion and do what we love. Book the best Hostel Bali with Wave Hunters Surf Camp. For more information visit the site .

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