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We publish an address of a smart contract with the Waves Enterprise team tokens, and share our plans for the fourth quarter of 2020.

A month ago we announced a solution for storing Waves Enterprise team tokens on a smart contract and promised to publish its address in October, and thus the time has come.

Smart contract with WEST tokens

A smart account with script written in the Ride programming language is used to store the team tokens. The team decided to lock the entire cache of its tokens: 160 million, (not 150 as previously assumed), until January 1, 2022. This approach will simplify mutual understanding between the team and the community by resolving questions about the remaining 10 million and the date of their release into circulation. You can check the address where tokens are stored here: …

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We carefully collected the most frequently asked questions during latest AMA sessions, as well as from people who joined our global community, and answered them thoroughly. This Super FAQ will be updated regularly.

General questions

What is Waves Enterprise?

Waves Enterprise is a technology company formed to develop a hybrid enterprise-grade blockchain platform (having the same name) that unites public and private network approaches. Waves Enterprise is exclusively focusing on blockchain-based technologies for businesses and governments.

Our goal is to make DLT and blockchain, in particular, much more accessible for all kinds of businesses. One of the reasons that the adoption of blockchain is slowing down even in enterprises is that the first generation of corporate platforms is sluggish and inconvenient in all aspects — be it a framework approach with a complex architecture or hidden costs and many other elements. …

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The storage and unlocking of tokens belonging to the Waves Enterprise team will be regulated through smart contracts.

At the end of 2019, the Waves Enterprise team decided to reduce WEST tokens’ volume to 400 million. We wrote about this earlier in this article. The Waves Enterprise community is still discussing such a significant amount of tokens owned by early investors and the team. …

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