Constantly updated list: All Waves Platform Partnerships

Sep 8, 2017 · 5 min read

We know it’s hard to keep up-to-date with all the companies either using and/or partnering with the Waves Platform. We are here to help!

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Whoppercoin- issued on the Waves Platform

As soon as the news are confirmed by the Waves Team we will update this list and state the source. Waves - Making the blockchain accessible to the masses

Burger King Russia issued a token on Waves

A supply of 1 billion Whoppercoins have been issued so far, and customers will receive one Whoppercoin for every ruble spent ($1 is 59 RUB). They can redeem one Whopper burger with 1,700 Whoppercoins, which are stored in a digital wallet


Official Announcement by Burger King Russia

Gazprombank Digital and Waves Platform enter strategic partnership

Gazprombank Digital, the digital division of the well-known bank, has entered into a partnership aimed at providing clients with comprehensive initial coin offering (ICO) services and customised blockchain solutions — specifically tailored for the Russian metals and mining sector.

Waves to Develop Digital Asset Platform for Russian National Settlement Depository

The National Settlement Depository (NSD), the central depository for the Moscow stock exchange, has recently partnered Waves Platform to develop a potential digital blockchain platform to serve digital assets including cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets

Deloitte and Waves Platform to shape the future of blockchain

Deloitte CIS and Waves Platform, a leading developer of blockchain solutions, signed a memorandum on strategic partnership.The partnership is aimed at providing clients with comprehensive initial coin offering (ICO) services and customized blockchain solutions tailored for specific business tasks.

Waves helps Kazakhstan to become the second country regulating cryptocurrencies

The Astana International Financial Center has announced the creation of a working group together with Deloitte, Waves, Juscutum, and Kesarev Consulting to develop an ecosystem to enable blockchain solutions for the CIS region.

Moscow Stock Exchange Welcomes Cryptocurrency Trade

Got Bitcoin? You can soon trade digital currencies against paper currency on the Moscow Stock Exchange. If you’re a qualified investor, that is. In doing so, Russia would be the first stock exchange to make crypto-currency a new investable asset. They’re not there yet. But wheels are in motion at the chief regulator of the Russian stock exchange that hopes to have rules in place in early 2018.

The platform is built in partnership with Waves, the public blockchain project designed by Russian physicist and local crypto currency guru Sasha Ivanov in Moscow.

Russian billionaire announces business incubator on Waves platform

Waves CEO and founder Sasha Ivanov and Russia’s business ombudsman Boris Titov have signed an agreement to establish a new ICO incubator entitled ‘People of Growth’ to record all stock options orders on the Waves blockchain platform

Over-the-counter trading service is transferring its quotes on stock options entering the Moscow stock exchange to the public Waves blockchain platform. The use of blockchain technology in trading will increase transparency and ensure greater fairness of order execution

First blockchain social platform launched, based on Waves

Waves and Partiya Rosta (‘The Growth Party’) have launched a new ‘People of growth’ platform based on the Waves blockchain. In the initial phase, the financial side of the project has been implemented. 10 million Upcoins were created. The internal cryptocurrency allows for payments within the platform and loyalty program to be made. The Waves-powered infrastructure provides support for crowdfunding as well as integration of internal rating and voting systems based on the blockchain.

Waves Platform Integrated in Microsoft Azure

Waves, a Russian-made crowdfunding platform, is now available in the Microsoft cloud. By expanding the capabilities of its Blockchain as a Service, Microsoft will enable millions of developers of blockchain solutions to quickly launch crowdfunding projects.

Kuna to issue coin for ICO-as-a-Service on Waves

The Ukrainian crypto exchange is building powerful crowdsale functionality as an additional service within their core business.

Waves to collaborate in “liquid democracy” applications

Waves platform will participate in the creation of a new form of blockchain-based voting system, characterised as “liquid democracy”. Partners are Blockchain Institute, Cryptography and cyber-security researchers Bingsheng Zhang and Hong-Sheng Zhou and Ergo.

TMT Investments Partners with Waves Platform with Crypto Fund for Blockchain Startups, Plans ICO

TMT Investments, an LSE listed company, has proposed to launch a new Crypto fund to invest in Blockchain startup. The joint initiative includes a group of American investors and will be supported by the Waves Platform. The TMT Crypto Fund will hold both crypto and fiat currencies and is reportedly planning an Initial Coin Offering in March 2018 to attract investment from the crypto world.

Waves and leading market players are founding a new self-regulatory body to set standards for ICOs

Waves Platform is creating a self-regulatory body that will provide reporting, legal, tax & accounting, KYC and business due diligence standards for ICOs and blockchain industry. The organisation will be founded as an association, with Switzerland being the most obvious choice for location. It will be open to all crypto market leaders: exchanges, marketing companies, ICO platforms, blockchain platforms, professional services firms and reputable individuals.

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