Waves ICO will commence on April 12, 2016 and end on May 31, 2016

The total tokens supply stands at 100 milllion.

15 million tokens are reserved for bounties and the development team in the following proportions:

- 1 million tokens will be distributed to early supporters. Please check additional details below.

- 1 million tokens are reserved for post-ICO bounties.

- 4 million tokens are reserved for strategical partners and backers

- 9 million tokens are withheld by the development team.

The remaining 85 million tokens will be distributed in lCO procedure to participating users based on their contribution in the total amount of the raised funds. The sale procedure will be taking place at a special crowdsale website.

There will be discounts for early participants based on the following schedule:

- First ICO day bonus. Users who buy WAVES tokens on April,12 receive a bonus of 20%

- Users participating in the campaign before the end of April (April, 13 — April, 30) receive 10% bonus.

- May, 1 — May, 15 buys receive 5% bonus.

ICO ends on May, 31. After the ICO is over tokens can be withdrawn from the ICO platform.


- Lightweight Client and test net will be launched before the end of the crowdfunding campaign, in May, 2016.

- Main net will be launched in late Summer — Fall 2016.

- The crowdfunding tokens can be traded at decentralized NXT Asset Exchange and centralized exchange partners before the Mainnet launches. 
After its launch they will be converted to corresponding WAVES balances.


Early supporters receive bounties for the following activities:

- 200000 tokens reserved for following official WAVES account on Twitter

- 200000 tokens reserved for joining official WAVES Facebook group

- 100000 tokens reserved for translations and maintaining national WAVES threads

- 200000 tokens reserved for subscribing to WAVES newsletter at wavesplatform.com website

- 300000 tokens reserved for signature campaign participants at Bitcointalk.

The token distribution to supporters will take place after the end of ICO, WAVES support team will be contacting all participants and arranging
the bonus transfer.

This announcement will be added in the OP soon.

Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1387944.msg14270882#msg14270882

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