Announcing Our Investment in Quicksave — Game On On Messaging Apps

We are excited to announce our Investment in Quicksave — a gaming startup that enables people to have fun together while chatting.

One could think that the best platforms for games are the ones on which you are already spending all your time. With chat apps having a massive user base and being among the most used ones in users’ smartphones, it is no wonder that game developers along with the rest of the technology scene are increasingly setting their sights on messaging.

Messaging Apps have already grown past Social Networking Apps, and the trend is assumed to keep growing. So far, China has been leading the way when it comes to gaming on chat applications — one of WeChat’s many features has been a games platform. For the Western equivalents, it is still very early days; Facebook Messenger engages only 1–10 million monthly users in its currently existing games, whereas the total user number of the application exceeds 1 billion — and globally, messaging applications keep 4 billion people busy (even though we suspect there’s some overlap…). The rapid growth of chat app users is however making the platforms increasingly attractive for those looking for greater visibility among potential gamers — and often times a platform-first approach has proven to bring the best of results.

What Is Quicksave?

Quicksave Interactive is a Finnish startup creating high quality games that fit well in the social and quick-paced chat environment. The team consists of experienced game developers from Finland that have been working with multiple platforms including consoles, PC and mobile. Fun fact: The team’s previous gaming company, Tribe Studios, took part in one of the very first batches of the Finnish accelerator Startup Sauna!

Tribe Studios (acquired by the British Palringo) already focused on conversational and social aspects of gaming by aiming to improve teamwork with their products. Focusing now on building on the new emerging platform of messaging and enabling people to have fun together while chatting, the current target apps of Quicksave are Facebook Messenger and Kik. Once the competition evolves, the promising startup is ready to take on other apps and platforms as well.

Hint: If you go on the Facebook Messenger app, click on the small “+” or the gaming controller icon, you can see for yourself that there are some games already on the platform. Try them all out, though, and you’ll notice that there are not too many that have a social multi-player element… But enough of the teasers.

What Made Us Invest?

The case of Quicksave was once again very much about the team, as their pioneering vision of the future of collaborative gaming and new high-potential platform drew our attention. Moreover, when we first walked into the office of Elina Arponen, Ville-Kalle Arponen and Timo Kämäräinen, we were impressed by the professional but laid-back atmosphere, and the seemingly fantastic team spirit.

As young minds and definite early-adopters ourselves, we really liked the idea of literally playing with the dynamics of current messenger platforms. Interest in mechanisms that enhance the gaming experience and user retention, already-existing customer-base on the platform, possible first-mover advantage, potential to generate valuable usage data, and collaborative aspects of the technology in a form of team play in group chats were other highly attractive elements of the prominent deal.

Clear-visioned and well-experienced team with strong roots in the gaming industry of Finland was able to convince us and makes a great fit to our portfolio by adding a new (gaming) frontier into it. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for us and the co-investor Sisu Game Ventures!