Announcing Our Investment in Surgify — A Health Technology Startup That Makes Bone Surgery Safer

We are thrilled to announce our third investment, this time into a company we have been following as a research project for over a year: Surgify Medical. Driven again by an amazing team, the objective of Surgify is to make bone surgeries way safer and more effective. The first product will be a surgical burr that cuts through bone effectively, yet leaving soft tissue intact.

What Does Surgify Do?

In the many fields of surgery and dentistry, bone has to be cut or removed without damaging the proximal soft structures. Surgify develops new solutions to protect these vulnerable structures and to prevent associated, unwanted complications such as bleeding, infections and nerve injuries from occurring.

The Finnish startup’s technology improves the safety, speed and precision of a bone surgery to minimize these often times life-threatening risks. Besides making bone surgery safer by protecting the soft tissues, the novel technology enables faster operations, leading to less risk for the patient as the required time of anesthesia and the risk of complications decreases. Speed also enables hospitals to treat patients more efficiently as they are able to help more patients with lower costs. Less invasive bone surgery means less trauma and faster recovery for the patient as well, and fewer necessary corrective actions due to doing things right in the first place. A breakthrough technology — literally.

What Made Us Invest?

When we first met Visa Sippola, the head of the project, at a grill party at Startup Sauna, we were blown away by the intensiveness and thoroughness of every reply he delivered to our questions. We soon found out that the team had already gone through a few pivots to find their magically simple technology that makes it possible to avoid damaging soft tissue while still cutting through bone very efficiently.

Surgify’s technology is solving a real problem; in purely financial terms, the global cost of complications in spinal surgeries alone is estimated to be around $1B annually. In addition to spinal ones, many other delicate operations such as neurosurgeries can lead to damaging soft tissue or the nervous system and have catastrophic consequences, for instance paralysis or loss of a patient.

The possibility to decrease the number of such complications was obviously a must-take for us, yet the investment was also tempting from usability and market suitability standpoints. That is due to the fact that Surgify’s safety burr doesn’t require any additional training and is directly compatible with current surgical drills. It also takes care of both the “coarse” drilling through a thick bone and the delicate final millimeters — a task that previously required usage of 2 to 5 different burrs per operation from a surgeon.

Add professionalism, brilliance in product development, exceptional team spirit and the team’s impressive advisors Visa, Juho and Shahab on top, and we had a case we were not ready to miss out on.

We are eagerly looking forward to the dent Surgify can make (pun intended) in the industry. For more, please visit or !