My father always taught me (a myriad of times), that life is like a bus ride: Only that it’s not about the destination, not even the journey, but fundamentally the people who you share the bus with.

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Memories and moments from the past year.

Let us begin with a story.

The young man liked to play the guitar, and everybody could tell. It was nineteen-sixty-something in industrial Birmingham, and the teenager had decided to make it as a professional guitarist.

He was ready to leave his job at the sheet metal factory at the age of 17 when on the last day at work, he got into an accident and a great part of his fingers got chopped off.

This is a revised version of a talk that I gave at Wave Venture’s LP event on why investing in female founders is not only the right thing to do but the smart thing to do.

I’ll begin by briefly sharing my story on how I got to be an Investment Manager at a student-run VC fund and why I am personally so driven by this topic. …

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Wave Ventures is the first student-run VC in the Nordics supporting and pre-seed investing in the most ambitious founders with the boldest visions. We are especially fond of companies emerging from university ecosystems and young founders working to solve problems important to millennials. The Wave-family consists of a management team in Finland and Sweden, a portfolio of 17 companies, and a strong Nordic advisor and alumni network. This 3-part Wave-series will open our operations from the pre-funding stage to working with our portfolio companies.

Accelerating startups from 2017

Wave Ventures was founded in 2017 with the mission of boosting the quantity and quality of startups and founders emerging from the startup ecosystem by offering valuable, low-threshold support both in terms of money and other guidance. …


Wave Ventures

Pre-seed investing in the boldest teams in the Nordics

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