Why Wavo.me is the №1 Promotional Tool for Music Festivals

Wavo is a digital marketing platform and agency that specifically caters to music & culture. Wavo runs the world’s largest remix and DJ competition platform; current clients include Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, SFX, Armada, Ultra and more. Wavo also runs wavo.me/boost — the native advertising network for arts & culture.

Client: Sunburn Music Festival

Sunburn music festival is an electronic festival based in Goa, India. It’s Asia’s largest 3-day festival, and consistently attracts some of the world’s largest names. Past headlining acts have included industry favourites like Hardwell, Axwell Ingrosso, Martin Garrix, and Afrojack.

The promotional video for Sunburn Music Festival Goa, 2015

Sunburn Campaign & Goal

Generate awareness for the event and grow their Facebook following through the launch of a DJ invitational, targeted to the festival’s primary audience in Southeast Asia.


  • 191 unique submissions
  • 19,874 submission votes
  • 20,065 new Facebook follows

How & Why Wavo Works

Sunburn approached Wavo with the idea of creating a DJ invitational for their 2015 festival. The campaign centered around the goal of gaining Facebook fans for the Sunburn event page, as well as providing a forum for supporting local talent. As its prize, the contest offered the winner the chance to open for famed DJ and headliner, Tiësto.

The top voted entry in the 2015 Sunburn DJ Invitational received 3.7K plays, 2.3K votes, and 284 user comments

Wavo competitions create a unique value exchange between big artists, labels, festivals, and upcoming talent. Sponsors give artists access to high-value content and opportunities like song stems and label deals, and in return, get tons of incredible remixes and mixes which are shared across the internet.

With Wavo competitions, events and festivals are able to gain massive amounts of exposure organically, as fans effectively become the event promoters. Submissions gain thousands of plays & likes, and are commented on hundreds of times by interested users.

Sponsors can ask participants to either follow them on a social platform of their choice (Facebook, SoundCloud or Spotify), or enter an email address in exchange for content, thereby creating quality connections that last long after the contest ends. With Wavo competitions, you’re able to generate authentic buzz for your artist, event, or label, by engaging real fans in a forum that promises value for them.

Wavo competition pages require users to pass through a gated page in order to gain access to material

Running a competition through Wavo ensures support from our social media team. Your campaign will be shared with over 200,000 active DJs and music producers through our email lists and in-app notifications, as well as our 155,000 Facebook followers and 6,300 Twitter followers. Wavo’s ability to track specific user behaviour, also means that we’re able to provide ticketing links to all users who have expressed interest in the event, through their participation in the competition.

“Wavo has created a new-age, interactive platform for all upcoming DJs/producers to showcase their talent & get instant reviews. Wavo has been a huge part of Sunburn Festival in terms of finding upcoming local talent from India and including them in our vast artist line-up. We now have over 120 artists in our festival. Wavo has also allowed Sunburn to reach artists from around the world, building their fan base in just a matter of days.”
— Jaydev Vadodaria; Content, Social Media & Talent for Sunburn Music Festival
India’s Sunburn Festival pulls Asia’s largest crowds

Wavo was able to generate a huge amount of buzz for Sunburn festival, and in the process, boost local talent. The competition not only drew in DJ hopefuls, but their friends and family members as well, who engaged in the contest by voting and sharing their favourite submission. As users began sharing their tracks across social media, Sunburn’s name spread across the internet, and ticket sales for the event began to climb. On December 27th, the competition winner, a Mumbai-based DJ duo, Uz-Yo, helped open the festival with their winning set.

Competitions can be developed for clients on a variety of different budgets. For information on our competition packages, or to learn more about Wavo Boost, please contact info@wavo.me.

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