After he is expelled from Heaven in “Paradise Lost,” Lucifer falls lower and lower through layer after layer of the cosmos and discovers that “in the lowest deep [there is] a lower deep still.” Trump is a living and talking testament to this boundlessness of depravity: he keeps falling lower.

At first, the most shocking part of the leaked footage was just how ordinary I thought it was — another day’s revelation of the inner, thoughtless thoughts of a shallow, insecure, small man.

That’s because the way he views and treats women has never been a secret. Which makes you wonder:

Where was Paul Ryan’s indignation when Trump called for women who received abortions to be punished? Why wasn’t Mike Pence “beside himself” when Trump said that Hillary Clinton didn’t have “the look” of a president? Why did McCain (who, remember, is a hero only because he got captured) remain utterly silent while Trump tweeted about “Miss Piggy’s” (non-existent) sex-tape at 3am?

The sad truth is that these men — these men who surveyed the political landscape and chose to hitch their wagons to an abhorrent star — spoke out only because it would have been too damaging and too embarrassing to stay silent.

These men stood by in silent assent time after time as Trump spouted off nasty remark after nasty remark.

These men stood by in silent assent time after time because they believe that it is one thing to demean women through legislation, but another thing entirely to demean them on an open-microphone. These men dress their repugnant bills and proposals and ideas in the clothes of “decency” and “respect” and speak in their Sunday best about ladies, but are taken aback when someone tears aside the curtain and dares use language reflective of their deep-seated belief that women are objects to be monitored, controlled, admired, and manipulated.

Don’t stop with Trump. Vote the men who remained silent — who spoke up only out of self-preservation and their own political needs — out of office.