Life as a Community Tech Facilitator

love communities, whether developer communities, design communities or any other technology community. However, with time I have come to understand that being in a community and being a community facilitator are two different worlds where the odds of success keep on decreasing. The love for communities for me came about just in my fresh years in my college studies, never did I know that soon the events that I was so much enjoying would later turn out to the events that I know could watch other people enjoy.

Being in my third-year of study, I joined the Google developer community of Multimedia University and me being the most active member I was always at the heart of events organization, this was still fun for me as I had the joy of being among geeks and giving short keynotes whenever I was called upon. Came my fourth year of study I graduated to be the GDG lead for my community and there and then my ship was rocking on glaciers. I now understood what the organizers went through and how much sacrifice was to be given in order to achieve a successful event with all the participants happy and contented on how the event was held and the general flow of all activities.

My GDG term as a lead led to me being the facilitator of the Andela Student Fellowship at Multimedia University. Unlike the GDG facilitators, as a student facilitator one had to form a community in their institution and teach them how to code in python the Andelan way. The most challenging part was not about the challenges but about growth since being green in python I had to level up to get more knowledge so I could be able to better facilitate the code labs. The first two meetups were challenging to the point that I felt intimidated by what I knew, with continuous effort however and more programming time, I was able to solve most of the challenges brought to me and although I was not good enough I am still trying my best.

Being an Andelan Student Ambassador community facilitator has not only taught me that persistence is key but also that whatever we desire and need is conditioned in our minds and not the constraints of time as we see it to be. As Andela puts it Passion, Excellence and Commitment yield a beautiful world.