I love everyone, do you ?


I don’t believe that God will judge anyone. His all knowing, everywhere and not bound in space and time. We say God is in all of us. Well am sorry to, no matter the religion, race, tribe or background. Whether poor or rich. We are all the same. Confused creatures living by faith and grace.

These is because of the fact we are just beings of circumstance. I won’t judge a suicide bomber, gay, rapist or philanthropist. They all are who they are cause of the situations and people that came in their life. Ask yourself, given the current situations and conditions of a certain person your judging right now. Both that you know and don’t know about. Would you be any different from what he turned out to be. We tend to think we are unique. But you are as a result of genes from different people as a start. So don’t judge a rich kid he/she just got lucky.

We tend to give God a character. Make the almighty be a persona. But I am sure if you had the ability to view life from another persons point of view, you wouldn’t judge them. Since we all have stupid reasons for doing things. And since the dawn of time we all want to be heard and no one wants to listen. How will you know why he stole, lied, raped, killed or committed suicide.

How many people have led others to kill themselves. Then the same people, go around preaching that suicide is wrong. As if God doesn’t know your existence was the end of another person’s.

Many people blame others, hate the rich and feel mercy for the poor. As if its their role in life to judge. Well ask yourself this, would I be any different if my father was Bill Gates. Would you be billionaire if you were born in the slums of Africa. Well am not sure, but the circumstances in your life ain’t the same as someone else’s or same as mine.

We don’t want to understand each other cause we don’t want to admit sometimes we do wrong things for our own self-proclaimed reasons. Whether our actions are due to personal decisions or from others putting you in different circumstances; it doesn’t matter. Your as innocent or as guilty as your conscious tells you. We are all dump. So don’t say there is a hell to satisfy your ego that someone is going against your morals.

I have been in a few funerals. And in most times, depending on the kind of life we think a person lived. People in the funeral have in their mind a view of whether the person went to hell or heaven. Most people think Hitler, a killer or homo-sexual went to hell after death. Well if you lived his life then you can be the judge. But as long as we are only hearing stories and not seeing and feeling things from the way he/she saw things. Don’t act as judge, jury and executioner. That ain’t God and that ain’t you.

I don’t mean to say we are free to do evil as long as its right. But hey, do thou wilt or for easy terms. Enjoy your youth but you will be judged on day.

We are actors, actively interacting with the world. That’s what we call living. So our friends and family are but observers to our life. They can easily judge our actions and by anticipating what the end result will be. That’s why they say people close to us, discourage us the most. You don’t know what your doing is going to fail. But they think they do. So picture yourself as an observer. Watching yourself do things. Do you think what your doing is right before your own eyes? Does your conscious agree? That’s why we can’t see what we are doing is wrong until you stop and look at from an observer perspective than you notice it ain’t right.

God is within us all. We all know what is right and wrong. We don’t need to read it from a book. Don’t be fooled that He will judge you. You are already judged by you. That’s what death is for. A court date with yourself and Him who is unity. That’s why its very common to gain life lessons from death. This is cause it reminds you what living is all about. That is duality at its best.

Don’t think your great cause your white. Your just lucky we ain’t born by black parents. Otherwise you would be suffering the racial discrimination. Don’t think life is unfair. Your current conditions are cause of the circumstances people you committed-to put you in, whether its commitment through love, work, health, education etc. and the circumstances you put yourself into through the decisions you made not matter the reasons backing them.

You want to be better. Admit that people ain’t the issue, it’s your inability to see things from their own view. Living your life, loving everyone, keeping off people who don’t benefit you and keeping your life decisions simple. Mind your own business ain’t damn words. Whether they rich or poor, the best you can do is listen and try to help them. Whether white or black, the best you can do is listen to their issues and try to help them. Don’t judge them. Just because they are disabled doesn’t make you better. You just lucky.

We have appointed our own gods. These days, gods reign. They tell us our problems and they give us solutions. Nobody ever wants to know why they are dropping out, why they are killing each other, why they can’t get money. Since nobody gives a damn about them. So many now say God ain’t listening to them. It’s people who ain’t listening to you. Start listening to your child, your wife, your husband and the people you serve. You might be the angel a child prays for. In return others will start listening to you. Stop blaming people for your problems. Start admitting that your life is what it is. Then just live everyday looking forward with faith not hope that you will be living you dream tomorrow.

Don’t be a slave of hope but be a master of faith and start changing things not hoping they were better. Hope is for religion, faith is for men of God.

Don’t judge them, you just lucky you ain’t them. I love all white people, God bless them. I love all black people, God remember them in their struggles. I love all murders, rapist, liars and thieves; God please purify them and give them healing. I love all children, God please continue provide for them. I love the rich, God please continue adding to their wealth. I love the poor, God please continue making their days richer. Amen!. I love everyone, do you ?