It’s always been you…

I’m amused by love. What does it mean when I say I love you? When I say it, does it make you feel the way I feel ? I feel like dancing. Do I mean something to you ? I often wonder. Do I rock your world ? Am I your world ?

Love is amusing. My life is wonderful. Guess it’s because you’re in it. Deep down I often wonder, was it just a discovery ? Because when I saw you, I knew you were the one.

Born to love you. Born to die for you. Born to be with you. I often feel like you too good to be true. My deepest fantasy.

Damn! Your body. Your smile. The way you walk. The way you talk. Girl. Damn! You are a dime.

I always hate it when you spend so much time on the mirror. Does it see you clearer ? I can’t stop looking at you; I see myself in you. I can’t live without you.

I want to hold you close through every struggle. Through every storm, I will always be there to keep you safe. I want to always be there to heal the pain behind every smile. To bring joy behind every cry. Thinking of you makes me want to kneel, hold your palm out and kiss it gently. You’re a dime.

Please help me! My desires are overwhelming me. My needs are a growing pain. All I desire is you. All I need is you. All I see is you. All I want is you. You complete me.

Loving you is but an aching pain in my heart. I feel empty but yet knowing your safe and sound gives me satisfaction I need to know one day you will be mine forever.

You made me realize loving someone is not a mistake. Am love-struck; and now am stuck. You made me realize it’s not in vain. Chasing you, the girl of my dreams. You are what I live for.

This love is rooted deep. This love ain’t what I expected it to be. This love is the end of me. This love is heaven many seek.

I want to be the light in your darkest hour. I want to always sing for you are my life; my love, my everything.

This love is deep. This love is rooted deep in my heart. This love is rooted deep in my dreams. Damn! Ain’t you the girl of my dreams. I will love you with all of my heart. Every bit left is yours. Take it all. Every bone in my body wants you closer than ever before. My heart can’t settle if I don’t have you. Seeing you makes my day. Being close to makes my worries fade away.

My love to you is great. I have found my lost treasure. If all I want is you then I must conform to my desire and say I love you.

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