Something am feeling

My love to you is so greater than the greatest.

I look into your eyes and I fall deeply in love. I lose myself into you. You are my all, I want to hold you close. Kiss your lips. Tell you that I love you. I want the whole world to know you are enough for me. Enough for my heart. Enough for my world. You are my world.

I met you and I gave up everything I held close, just to have you closer. I love you more than I will ever find a way to say to you.

You’re different, you’re interesting and I love that. I want to know what happens if I don’t give up chasing you. I want to know if I can have you for me and no one else. I want to know all about you. Your dreams, your desires. I wish I knew your worth. I would sell my soul to have you. You are priceless.

Everything I am, everything I have, is yours.

All I know is you’re my first and last love and I can’t ask for more. You and me forever. You and me to be all we can be.

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