That good feeling

Ever wonder what is a good feeling ? The good feeling you feel when you dance, laugh, smile, joke and sing. Can anyone explain the good feeling of picking your ears ? Or the good feeling of getting your salary ? Ever wonder what’s that feeling you get when you fade away while engaging in deep kiss.

That good feeling that made you dance.

I want to bring an argument to the table. I propose that a good feeling is and has always been the same good feeling experienced first while a child. The hormones, enzymes and biochemistry of what was and is to happen for you to get a physical realization of that good feeling, will be almost identical. All physical processes of getting that good feeling can be almost predetermined.

It never changed. You felt it when you were a child and you keep on feeling it in different forms. You have never felt anything different. It’s been the same good feeling.

The physical processes might change to fit in the context of reality but the basic idea of that is to make you feel good.

It’s what makes life easier even when the tides are not on your side.

Therefore, whenever or whatever makes you feel like dancing, singing, praising, laughing or smiling never ever hold it back. It’s the best time for your body to produce positive results without so much effort and in turn allows you and your body to be in rhythm.

That good feeling that made you smile and dance while a kid. It will make you feel like a kid in your old age.

The wonders of life; majestic as if it were in our favor. So in life always treasure that good feeling. It’s what makes us all span beyond space and time. Therefore, it’s always a now moment. That good feeling.