Its Team Work or No Work

ndela Bootcamp would never be a Bootcamp without the experience given by the Learning Facilitators and the teammates. The code ninjas have been my highlight for the few days that we have been in the Bootcamp, by watching everybody learn as they level up I have come to appreciate that teamwork is key in every aspect of life not only for purposes of development. Through my week I have also come to understand that feedback from the teammates is key and crucial if you want to progressively become better at what you do.


My best teammates from this week have been Fennilah, Emery, and Paul. Through Fennilah I have come to understand that bot giving up in life is the best thing that you can ever do. Her inspiration comes from her zeal to pursue greater even when the odds seem impossible and this far she has proven to be consistent in doing that. From Emery, I have learned that collaboration is all about assistance waking up and giving each other hope that you shall leave to see a better day that is free from bugs. Emery has taught me to be consistent not only at what I do but at what I want to do and what I want to achieve. 
Well, Paul has been the best assistant during the whole period in the Bootcamp, Paul is composed and ready to assist on any matter that sprouts up, whether individualized or that affects the whole group. Paul has taught me to understand that it is not the amount of knowledge you have but your willingness to make the knowledge available to all other individuals when the need arises. Didacus has been my Learning Facilitator for the week and truth be said he is more than talented at what he does. Despite the fact that we have never met, he sounds composed and is always available to tackle a problem if it exists. Through the feedback that he has provided me I have been able to understand that it is always not about making a delivery but also minding what delivery you are making. I do hope that all of my teammates proceed to the second Andela Bootcamp week, it will be much fun when we meet in a physical world.