Rhyme Time

I am dreadful at nursery rhymes and songs.

I just don’t remember most of the rhymes or songs that were sung to me when I was a kid. My younger brother wasn’t that far apart in age so I don’t remember any of the things that were sung to him. I didn’t babysit as a teen or adult so there wasn’t a reason for me to learn or retain these things. I simply let all these words, songs, and stories slip away, most likely to make room for movie trivia and video game lore.

This lacuna in my parenting skills is now hard to ignore. The rhymes and songs I do know are classics like Rock-a-Bye Baby and the Itsy-Bitsy Spider, but thinking about the meaning of the lyrics can be depressing. And singing them over and over and over without other tunes to expand the repertoire is a mental health hazard. Nothing like a song about a baby falling out of a tree to get that ole anxiety system working on other highly unlikely baby dangers. Good job, brain!

I cover some of the difference by making up lyrics to songs with both real and made up words. Also I can recall certain renaissance faire-esque songs I remember for my semi-misspent youth, although the content of those lyrics will really preclude me from singing them once he starts learning words. (“Mom, what’s bollockitis?”)

In the meantime, I can get away with a pleasant tone and jaunty delivery. But the clock is ticking before I am royally screwed. Wish me luck.

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