I have been chased around a desk by a boss who said I should sleep with him just once because it would be good for my career.

I have been mauled in the back of a cab by the CFO of a publicly held technology corporation.

I was gang raped at 19 and told it was my fault.

I was arrested for more than one crime and put on probation. My black friends are still in prison for the same crime. Or they were shot by the police.

Some of their children are also now in prison.

I did not go to prison for drugs because I have white privilege. Some of my black friends are still in prison for the same crime.

I am a recovering drug addict and alcoholic. We need better healthcare for people with addiction.

I have been diagnosed with mental illness. We need better healthcare for people with mental illness.

I believe that what happens inside your body should not be legislated.

I have met a nurse who worked on a city hospital ward that was solely for the purpose of treating women with complications from back alley abortions.

I believe business has a greater purpose than just profit.

I believe we need to rescue the animals experiencing horrific torture in factory farms.

I believe we need to stop letting factory farms pollute our rivers and lakes with the manure from the animals experiencing horrific torture.

I have been married to a sociopath and can spot one a mile away.

I have spent time with Donald Trump in person and he is definitely a narcissistic sociopath.

Vladmir Putin is also a sociopath. And two sociopaths never get along for long. Their breakup will be very bad for the world.

I know a vote for Jill Stein is a vote for Donald Trump.

I believe the hatemongers represent the dying battle cry of the misogynistic white guy culture.

I will do anything I can to destroy this culture.

I’ve always liked the wives better than the presidents anyway.

There is no way our country can have an orange president with tiny little t-rex hands.

I’m with her.