online study v/s classroom study

Now days education is not limit only in the classroom. Education cross the bou7dry of the college and school. Now day e-reading is more famous. Education is not the beyond the classroom. It is manage data online. Most of the student and reader are go online for study. if we could move forward to a more fundamental set of questions. Top Animation Colleges in India share information about online study v/s classroom study.

The discussion that we should be having is about how we can harness the digital competencies. You can see every reader or writer are go for online to viral our knowledge. Today are we wise enough to celebrate the capabilities, skills that most of a generation raised on the internet and the mobile device. Today student download or read online notes of the our subjects.

we see many of today’s people manage information their environments, and well-suited to promote learning online. Now days student go for online to download notes and video of the subjects. They are not passive video consumers.

This tactic is best for knowledge about subject because student download definition about topics of more than writer or books. Student also simultaneously interact with other content while watching. They will post, compose,upload,chat,edit, scroll, and scan while also watching the video. My intuition is that digital or e- learning is changing today’s learners interact with information. One of the reasons why students want devices in classrooms is that the speed and density of analog information transfer does not match that of digital. I’m a fan of analog education.I think that an effective or better education -is at least a valuable education takes place only at a scale that is small, and personal.

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