This Whole “Are Trans Women Real Women?” Thing is Gross
Emma Lindsay

It’s so funny, when people who are confused on this issue, they go to the tail end of the bell curve to make their point. You all talk about the .005% of people born with BIRTH DEFECTS like testosterone insensitivity or 3 X chromosomes then all of a sudden voila! you appear academic and informed when the truth is you’re the same simpleton without any critical thinking skills, incapable of any unique thought, who regurgitates the ideas of others. WELL DONE (slow clap) There are men and there are women. PERIOD. A man is one who was designed to deliver the seed and a woman is someone who was designed to carry through gestation. Is infertility real? Yes. Sadly. Are birth defects real? Yes. Sadly. But that doesn’t change the fact that there are 2 very distinct gender roles that predate white supremacy and western patriarchal oligarchy: the seed giver and the egg carrier. Oh, and isn’t it ironic how trans folk want everyone else to flee from gender-as-a-binary while simultaneously insisting that everyone lump them INTO THE BINARY???? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! You make these debates impossible to lose. Cue the over-emotional, uber-aggressive ad hominems….

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